About Us

aboutusBased out of Colorado, We are a one-stop-shop screen printing company. Providing our customers with a huge selection of high quality garments, high quality workmanship, very quick turnaround and excellent prices.

Screen printers in Colorado have become extremely competitive; however, we have been able to separate ourselves from the competition by offering more, working smarter and working faster.

We offer our services locally and to all other cities and counties nationwide. Many of our customers are from small areas all around the country. Many of the products and services that we offer are simply not available to them. Our customers love working with us because they are able shop for screen printing products without leaving their home or office.

This company was started with the concept offering our customers with whatever type of custom t-shirts and garments that they need. We said we will do it professionally, quickly and at a fair price. We have had terrific success by doing just that. We look forward to many more years of serving new customers and giving them the products and service they are looking for.

Fair Prices • Good Service • High Quality

We thank our present customers for their help in getting us to where we are today. Repeat customers make our world go around. We work hard as we can to make sure every customer is a potential repeat customer.

Thank you in advance for browsing our web site. We are sure it will be of help to you in your buying decisions. We hope that it is helpful, and more importantly that we can be of service to you.