Fabric Mask Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks to recent news coverage our 100% cotton fabric masks with filter pocket, many people are interested and have reached out to us, which we greatly appreciate! Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions:
  1. How do I purchase?
    You can view and purchase our available masks at https://chasestreetae.com/collections/coronavirus-prevention. We frequently run out of stock, but you can sign up to be notified when we restock.
  2. Can I stop by to pick up a mask?
    For the health and safety of our team, our showroom is currently closed. When you order online, you can select curbside pickup. However, for our safety and yours, we request you select a shipping option whenever possible.
  3. Can I rush order a mask?
    We only list the masks that we have in stock, so they all will ship within one business day. Rush ordering is not necessary.
  4. Can you check in the back to see if you have more masks?
    Everything we have in stock is listed at https://chasestreetae.com/collections/coronavirus-prevention.
  5. When will you have more masks available?
    We are currently doing our best to keep up with demand and will list new masks daily.
  6. Can you make a mask with a specific pattern?
    Due to current demand, we currently are not taking custom requests for masks. When this is an option, we will add it to our online ordering system.
  7. What size mask should I order?
    Based on your t-shirt size, we recommend the following sizing:
    Fabric Mask Frequently Asked Questions
  8. I am not happy with my mask. What is your return policy?
    In order to keep our workspace sanitary, we cannot accept returned masks. Please email sales@chasestreetae.com with your concerns, and we will handle refunds on a case-by-case basis.
  9. Can you make me a mask that's [insert non-Orioles non-Ravens sports team here]?
    No, and why would you ever want to wear another team?
  10. Would you please donate masks to me and/or my organization?
    For organizations, we recommend reaching out to Station North Tool Library, as they are better equipped to coordinated among a larger community of makers in Baltimore City. For individuals, we currently have a long backlog of requested donations, but we're happy to add you to the list if you have a sincere need.
  11. Can I order a pack of masks?
    We do not sell packs of masks at this time. You may be thinking of Quality Mask Supply, which was featured on Fox45 along with our store.
  12. What should I use as a filter for the mask? 
    You can use a paper towel (double layer if regular) or coffee filter. We recommend using the blue "shop" paper towels. Also you can even place a surgical mask in the filter pocket. 
  13. You're working on restocking, but I need a mask right now! Where else can I buy masks?
    Consider making your own! We're also proud to be in the company of so many amazing manufacturers in Baltimore City. We'll maintain a list of the ones we're aware of here:


I love these masks! The fabric quality is great and the sew together perfectly and quickly.

I found that I needed longer elastics for the ears. The piece included was 15” and I needed about 20” for the two ears (10 “ each).

I added a small piece of fabric (about 4” x 1.5 inches) sewn on the inside over the nose to insert a twistee. That made the mask adjust tightly over the nose and under glasses. Including a piece like that would be ideal!

Thanks again!

Donta, each listing is for a single item unless otherwise noted.

How many come with the purchase

Diane, you can find the PDF pattern at https://chasestreetae.com/blogs/news/slow-the-spread-with-cloth-face-masks. Right underneath the headline “Sew Your Own Fabric Mask with Filter Pocket” there’s a link to the PDF. Thank you so much for the kind words, and thank you for working hard to make your own masks!

Thank you for this wonderful tutorial and all you are doing to help everyone. Could you please send me the pdf of your mask pattern? I didn’t see it on the instructions to print. I would like to make some for my family so as not to increase the production burden on others.
Thank you.

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